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How is a logo created?

Would you like to learn how logo is created, what the process looks like and why it takes so long?

Creating a logo is a time-consuming process, requiring accurate research and thoughtful actions.

We want to satisfy your natural curiosity, that’s why you will learn from this article how logo is created from the inside.

Before we start designing, we do precise research. We learn from the clients what their needs and requirements are, we collect more information about their business – what products/services they offer. We also look into the company’s history, mission, values and what emotions it wants to evoke in consumers. All these aspects are established during direct conversation or design brief.

2 Brainstorming and drafting

Based on the information from the client, we brainstorm what words/symbols/icons/shapes are associated with the values of the company/brand name. Next, based on these associations we do drafts remembering at the same time that simplicity is the key to a good design. A simple logo is more memorable than one with a lot of ornaments/elements.

We don’t copy other people’s work, we create our own, personalized designs.

3 Analysis and transfer to a program

From all the draft designs we have made, we choose one or a couple of the best ones which are the most distinctive and transfer them into a program. On this stage we consider different arrangements of signet/logotype.

4 Typography

When we have an ideal variant of logo, we can start working on choosing appropriate typography. We choose the option which fits the character of a brand. We have in mind, that badly selected typography may ruin the entire design.

5 Colour scheme

We are getting closer to the end of the process, we have chosen the typography, now it’s time to choose the colour scheme. Research shows, that colour can influence consumers’ mood, which is of great importance – for example at the moment of making the decision about a purchase, that’s why we pay a lot of attention to the colour scheme.

Colours are powerful!

6 Visualization (Optional)

If we want to show the client how our designed logo will present itself on sample materials/products or elements, we use Mockups, which allow us to present a logo in such a way that a client can see how it would look like on physical products.

7 Brand Book

The last stage is creating a brand book (if the client needs it). Brand book is nothing more than a manual which contains information about where and how to use a logo, and how it shouldn’t be used


As you can see, designing a logo consists of several important stages and the process is not as fast as it would appear! Logo is a part of a brand image and marketing tool which, if well-designed can help to develop a company. That’s why it’s worth being patient.




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