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What is branding?

Branding is the process of building a brand’s image. One of the key elements of branding is its visual identification. The visual aspect of logo, website or designed leaflets are not only used to satisfy the aesthetic needs of a customer. Their main aim is to create the image defined in brand’s strategy. Most frequently, it is about evoking particular emotions, associations and impressions towards a company. At the same time, it gives a given brand has a chance to exist in the minds of your customers in a desirable way.


The key element of branding is an appropriately designed logo which makes a long-lasting impression together with brand’s name and slogan. Wrong association may deprive your company of the possibility of aiming at target customers and doing business with them.


Other elements of visual identification of a brand include all the elements which appear in all materials and channels of communication. We are talking about business cards, presentation templates, product catalogues and even gadgets. The content appearing on the internet is equally important. Posts and graphics placed in social media, newsletter and websites should be visually consistent. Thanks to all these, your company may be identified in a clear unmistakable and desirable way.


Benefits of appropriate branding

The time and energy you put into creating brand image gives tangible results:

  • you attract the right customer group who you direct your products and services to
  • you create positive associations connected with the brand – we always buy more willingly from the brands which evoke positive emotions.
  • you become remembered and recognized which will increase your chance to succeed
  • you will avoid inconsistency which customers may mistake for deliberate misleading


Cooperation with marketing agency – what does it look like?

The first essential step is getting to know your brand. We have to know who the recipients are, what products and services you propose to clients, and how your company wants to be positioned on the market. The more information we get, the easier it will be to choose the right course of action. Afterwards, we add our own observations to the data concerning the brand. We concretize how it should be perceived and what it needs to achieve. At this stage, clarified ideas on how to achieve this appear.


The next step is the final choice of solutions and the work on their visual aspects. If you decide on branding your company from A to Z, you receive package of graphic solutions. You can use them in various communication channels or advertising purposes.


After the final acceptance of the designs, you receive appropriate files which allow you to use the created materials indefinitely. Our agency offers such a comprehensive service; however, branding doesn’t have to pertain to the whole brand but also to a specific product.


Product branding

If you want to offer your customers new assortment of products or services, it is worth taking care of their consistency with the general image of the brand. You do not always have to maintain the same graphic design, especially if it comes to limited edition of a product or special product line which you want to highlight. However, it still hast to maintain consistency with the whole brand image. This is the reason why it is worth ordering product branding to a professional company


We will create packaging, labels and other elements connected with introducing the product to the market and its advertising. Product branding covers a wide range of activities. You decide what designs you would like to receive from us.


What do we offer our clients?

If you use our services connected with branding you can count on:

  • thorough and professional approach to the design
  • uniqueness
  • cooperation based on respect towards the clients and their time
  • professional service from experts in the marketing field who will advise the best solutions
  • timely execution of all assignments


Call us or send us an email to get to know the details of working on branding. We will work with you to find ideal solutions for your company.

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