Label designing

Every product label is a great tool for building a brand. However, it must be a thoughtful design consistent with the general image of a brand. This way, customers will recognize not only your particular products but your company as well. The stage of introducing the product on the market, which includes label designing, should be taken seriously as any other.


An appropriate label should be:

  • legible – it is extremely important in beauty and food industries
  • adjusted to the conditions of product usage – paper label is not suitable on a shampoo bottle which is usually kept in a shower
  • aesthetic
  • visually corresponding with the logo of the company and with the colour scheme used in visual brand identification.


Being a marketing agency, we know perfectly and understand market mechanisms. Ordering label designing at our company, You can count on us to implement your ideas and do all the work from scratch. We will determine what the label should look like to be consistent with your brand.


Label designing – what does it look like?

The first step is always establishing what your needs and expectations are. We talk about the design and suggest appropriate solutions. If you already have your own idea, we will analyze it and inform you how it can be performed. After all the details have been established, our specialists begin the graphic implementation of the design. You will receive it in the form of ready to print files.


If you need, you can order us to print the labels. We are already aware of your expectations, what ensures that the assignment will be performed appropriately. The designs and printouts are ways of your brand’s communication with the market. It is important to act in a thoughtful way on various stages, and our specialists can handle the whole process – from design to production.


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Check what we can do for you. Call us or send us a message to obtain more information concerning our services. We also encourage you to see our past and present designs. Maybe they will convince you to place an order in our company and to have your labels designed in BEAR Marketing Agency.

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