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Business cards designing

While running a business you cannot forget about creating a business card. The design should be coherent and consistent with the colour scheme and the character of your brand. Frequently, a customer encounters your brand through the business card. Its appearance is important because making a good first impression is key.


We begin each design from establishing the size of a business card. Our further actions will depend on it. We carry out projects in standard and custom sizes.


The ordered business card design will be tailored to your brand and your business field. It is extremely important in the case of businesses performing creative services, where the originality, including business materials, allows them to stand out from the competition on the market.


We know perfectly well that the better is the enemy of the good. First of all, our main goal is designing business cards which are useful. Each business card design is adapted for print and has appropriate margins. After receiving the design, you can have them printed straightaway.


What can your business card look like?

The simple answer is: exactly what you want it to be. We work hard together so that your business card could meet all your expectations. We establish colour scheme, print fonts and information which will be included on a business card.


It sometimes happens that for a project to look good on paper, it requires different printing techniques to be used, what influences the printing costs. Therefore, we inform a client about “pros and cons” of a particular solution before graphic designing starts. Design a business card with us. You can be sure that all your requirements will be met and there will be no unforeseen expenditures.


We will easily create classic as well as unconventional designs. Creating business cards is always preceded by a conversation with a client. We must know what their business is about in order to propose satisfactory solutions.


You want to order designs for business cards for the whole company, which would differ in details (depending on the department)? No problem. We will create a coherent solution which will be additionally personalized.


Design a business card with our help

We are marketing agency whose employees have relevant skills and extensive knowledge of branding. We know how to implement details which will build appropriate image of your brand.


Send a message or call us to order designing of business cards for your company. We will individually estimate the cost of the order based on the information you give us.

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